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Udham Singh a National hero born on 26 December 1899 at Sunam (District Sangrur).He killed Michle O’Dwyer and wounded three English officers in London. O’Dwyer was brutal British officer and was also responsible for Jallia Walla massacre. All were against the independence of India. Udham Singh was hanged a London on 31 July the age of nearly 40.
In Court during trial proceeding in front of Judge he say (shouting) I do not care about sentence of death. It means nothing at all. I do not care about dying or anything. We are suffering from the British Empire .I am not afraid o die. I am proud to die .I want to help my native land freedom and I hope when I have gone that in my place will come others of my countrymen to drive the dirty dogs... When judge made the proclamation of the sentence of death on Udham Singh. He shouted three worlds Inqlab, Inqlab, Inqlab and down with British Imperialism.












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Rakesh Kumar is presently working as Sr.Section Engineer (W)/Land & Heritage in DRM Office, Firozpur, Punjab. He was awarded highest award of Indian Railways ‘Ministry of Railway National Award for outstanding work for protecting the Railway Land during the year 2009’. 

He has also won highest award of Indian Railways ‘Ministry of Railway National Award for English Essay Competition (Second Prize)  for the year 2010 ’on the topic ‘PUBLIC, PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP OVER INDIAN RAILWAYS’.


Baba Farid Society Faridkot Awarded “Baba Farid Award for Honesty of  the Year 2011” to Sh. Rakesh Kumar Sr.Section Engineer (W) Land & Heritage on 23 September 2011 being Most Honest man. This includes Rs. 50,000, Citation, Doshala, Siropa. This Award is given by society to the most honest person , after lots of enquiry to the competent person.

This Award was already given to Dr. Kiran Bedi IPS, Sh. Kirshan Kumar IAS, Sh. L K Yadav IPS, Sh. Kanwar Vijay Partap Singh IPS, Sh. Tarun Tejpal of Tehlka New Delhi. Sh. Hem Raj Mittal Ex. SSS Board Chairman ,Justice Kuldeep Singh etc. by the society.

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